The program allows you to insert a Metar, to load it from a disk or from the Internet and to show his translation in a easily comprehensible language. There is a database containing all the airports that allows you to easily find the ICAO airport code. It treats even some particular added information for the Italian airports. The Metar translation can be associated to a visualization that offers an immediate comprehension of interesting values. You can keep under observation more than one Metar. Integrating by this sofware with Flight Simulator you can see the Metar close to the plane. It is also possible to transfer the weather conditions in Flight Simulator 2004 or show the Metars in Google Earth.


  • Search and load the Metars from the Internet from several services
  • Manual input for a Metar
  • Load an already saved Metar on the disk
  • Save a Metar on the disk
  • Full Metar Decoder
  • Decode and show one or more Metars
  • Show graphic image for the main weather conditions
  • Print preview
  • Print the Metar with a graphic image for the main weather conditions
  • Proxy connection
  • Authenticated proxy connection
  • Database for the Metar stations of the whole world
  • Day and night world chart
  • Upload the meteo conditions on Flight Simulator 2004
  • Show the Metars in Google Earth
  • Refresh for the Metars
  • Schedule the Metars refresh and the Flight Simulator 2004 and/or Google Earth refresh
  • Decode the Metars with token split for educational use
  • English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese interfaces


Program & manual

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Online version:

To try the Metar / Taf Reader and Decoder online version click here.


  • Metar Reader main window Airport data base Day and night world chart Link with Google Earth