FP archive with new features

Wed, 23 Dec 2009 00:00:00 GMT News index

The FP Archive allows you to view flight plans in Map Source (Garmin), Google Maps, Google Earth and retrieve interest Metar to the flight plan.


With the added capabilities, you can view the selected flight plan in several ways:

  • Map Source, the Garmin product from which over to observe the track allows you to load the flight plan directly into the GPS;
  • Google Maps, for an instant view of the route on the satellite view;
  • Google Earth, for the route 3D visualization with the ability to check the flight plan altitude.

A further possibility is offered by the "Retrieve Metars" button. For the flight plan selected, we will search for all Metars near the track. These are sent in a new window at Metar Reader Online. In this new window you will find the Metar translated, the used service is that provided by NOAA. In addition, another window will appear and show in Google Maps the path and the significant Metars for the flight plan.