Waypoints Archive for registered users

Fri, 06 Aug 2010 00:00:00 GMT News index

The registered users can store their preferred and frequently used airports and waypoints in the profile and call them during planning.


The waypoints management is inserted into the user profile. The User Can store up to 1000 waypoints.

The User can import waypoints from a Garmin PCX5 file format (.wpt) or a GPS Exchange file format (.gpx). The waypoints can also be imported from a flight plan in. GPX file format.

In the imports window should be defined to read the file, the icon to be assigned to the items to be imported and if we ignore or override the waypoints already present in the archive. For example, if in a file exists the waypoint ID “IAGFAV” and this is already present in the database, with the option “Overwrite records with same ID” replace that with the waypoint be imported, with the option “ignore records with same ID” the waypoint remain unchanged. Importing from .gpx, the icon will be used only for waypoints with a icon description not recognized by the program.

Inserting a waypoint in the flight plan, the User typing the ID or the name will see the suggest list with the waypoints in the database.