Connection with external applications

Tue, 01 Mar 2011 00:00:00 GMT News index

The interfaces, to provide services to other applications have been developed.


Flight Utilities has made several interfaces to allow connection to their services from others and to use other services.

An example is the connection with the APP for iPad "massan" ( Inside "massan", by entering in the weather section, you can ask a Metar by pressing the weather station symbol on the map. The APP "massan" connects and uses the Flight Utilities Metar service to recover the current Metar and its complete translation.

Is also provided the integration whith the planning done. You can start planning on a service, then refine it on a different service and resume it on the initial service. Planning is very simple and can managed as you like. On the "massan" menu, tap the "Cloud" item, you will be able to access to the services and connect the Flight Utilities planning.

The first time you enter the service, an authentication is requested. Enter the Username and Password that you use on the Flight Utilities services and you will be immediately connected.

If you are not registered on Flight Utilities or "massan" yet, you can register immediately from this page. Your account can be immediately used to connect to Flight Utilities.

Now you can press the tab of your private flight plans, and magically (or almost), you get a list of all your planning done on Flight Utilities, immediately ready to be flown.

You can use flight plannings shared from other pilots, and in turn, share your experiences and your flight plans. To publish a plan you simply make a TAP on the "Public" and you're done. You can change at any time your flight plan to the private state with the usual simplicity.

Take a Tap on "Import to Massan" and the flight plan is loaded in "massan", activate it and fly.

You can edit the planning with "massan" and re-save it, and when you enter on Flight Utilities planning you will find it already updated.

If you want to connect your applications to our services, please contact us.