Your pictures displayed in the track

Mon, 02 Apr 2012 00:00:00 GMT News index

The user can link the photos taken on the way to the tracks.


The photographs will be shown with the placeholder in the track display.

By clicking on the placeholder, the balloon will open the photo thumbnail. With a click on a thumbnail will open the original photograph.

To attach a photograph to the track, select the track and click on the "Track's photo".

You will enter on the page to manage the track's photo. Add the desired picture with the icon "Add photo". If your photograph is georeferenced You will see the coordinates valued, otherwise they will be set to zero.

If photography is not georeferenced, the user has the possibility to use the icon "Geotag photo". The system will attempt to georeference the photo comparing the shooting time with the timetable of the track points. For this operation is important to set the time zone set in the camera when shooting.

The icon "Edit photo coordinates" allows to change the geographical coordinates of the photo directly on the map.