Location and tracking services.

Tue, 28 Dec 2010 00:00:00 GMT News index

The services to share with friends location and paths have been published.


The service that displays the pilots / users positions and the service that displays the pilots / users tracks were published.


It's a service that allows the pilot to make his location known to other pilots and friends.
The position of other pilots / friends can be consulted on the service.

Show pilots position

The page updates itself and without doing anything, the pilot will keep its current position and the other drivers position. When activated, the precision, the circle around the icon of the placemark shows the accuracy of the detection. If a direction is found, it's indicated by a red segment.
You can send your location to the service by a device with built-it GPS and browser as an iPhone or Android Smartphone directly from the location recorder page.


The service displays the recorded tracks.

The pilot may decide to keep the track private, share it with friends or show it to everybody. The pilot will have a personal address where the tracks shared with friends are located. The address is obtained from the Share with friends button in your profile .

Show public track

From these pages, a track can be selected and viewed on Google Maps or Google Earth in three dimensions.

If the track that we are seeing is ongoing, the page updates itself by showing the live track.

The pilot may decide, at the start of the track to update his position in the positioning service.

You can record a track using a device with built-in GPS and browser as an iPhone or Android Smartphone directly from the track recorder page.