Import planning in AirNav Pro

Thu, 16 Aug 2012 00:00:00 GMT News index

Import the flight plan in Air Navigation Pro per iPad / iPod / iPhone.


The Air Navigation Pro application for iPad / iPod / iPhone can import a GPX format file.

The most experts will be able to export the GPX plan from Flight Utilities and import it in Air Navigation Pro activating the Embedded Webserver. Air Navigation Pro also accepts the flight plan in GPX format simply by importing an email attachment.

Following this second option, Flight Utilities allows you to send the GPX file directly through a mail to allow a easy planning transfer.

Note: To do this it is only necessary that you can consult your Flight Utilities email address from your iPad / iPod / iPhone.

To transfer the planning to Air Navigation Pro, please perform the following steps:

  • Select the "HANGAR" item from the main menu;
  • Select the "Flight Plans" item;
  • Select the flight plan that you want to transfer;
  • Press the icon "Send Flight Plan GPX format at ...". This will send an e-mail to the address with which you registered in Flight Utilities, attaching the flight plan in GPX format;
  • Open the mail client on your iPad / iPod / iPhone and you will find the email just sent;
  • Tap the attachment until the context menu appears;

  • Select Open in "Air Nav Pro."
The planning has now been included in your list of routes within Air Navigation Pro.