Pick Way. Your track recorder

Thu, 09 Aug 2012 00:00:00 GMT News index

Pick Way is a device that allows you to record a track on the server in real-time.


Pick Way is simple to use, it has only two buttons:

  • The first switched on and off the device;
  • The second sends a panic / emergency message.

Pick Way can be linked to the aircraft ignition and turn on when it is set in motion. In this case the Pick Way is powered directly from the aircraft battery.

When the Pick Way does not detect phone coverage, the various trackpoints are stored in the internal memory, as soon as communication is restored, they are sent to the server.

The service offers several features:

  • Detections for tracking;
  • Detections for radar;
  • Speed Alert;
  • Input and / or output virtual fences;
  • Sending SMS to SOS;
  • Sending SMS to the authorized numbers list.