ICAO Flight Plan Form Filling

Tue, 02 Aug 2011 00:00:00 GMT News index

The Flight Plan can now be printed on the standard ICAO form.


The database now stores all the aircraft information as the aircraft type, colour, equipment, survival equipment, people on board and fuel capacity. You can add your telephone number in the users’ details page. This information is required for the program to successfully fill in the ICAO flight plan form.

The printing function can be activated, only for registered users, from the flight plan management page.

By pressing the "Print ICAO flight plan" button, a web page opens where a prefilled form is displayed. You can change all the fields, print it and save it to disk to resume filling in the form later on. You may request a non-fillable PDF for sending via email too.

The proposed route lists all the IDs of the various waypoints in the flight plan. The "Endurance" item shows the maximum flight endurance, assuming that the tanks are full at the start-up. The "Persons on board" item shows the maximum number of persons on board, including crew. If not, this information must be changed.