Link to SendLocation for iPhone / iPad

Mon, 26 Sep 2011 00:00:00 GMT News index

Link to SendLocation to record your position on the radar.


Your position can be sent to the Flight Utilities server to be displayed on the radar using the iPhone / iPad application "SendLocation".
The application will send your position to the server even if it is kept in the background.
Download and run the application, go to the info page and choose between the two options to connect the application to the Flight Utilities server.

  • Flight Utilities credentials identification.
    • Type in "Your personal server and scripts" field the following link:
    • Obviously replace "yourname" with your user name and "yourpassword" with your password.
    • Confirm by pressing "Done" button.
  • iPhone / iPad UDID identification.
    • Type in "Your personal server and scripts" field the following link:
    • Activate the "Send device ID" switch.
    • Confirm by pressing "Done" button.
    • Go to your Flight Utilities anagraphic information page in your Flight Utilities profile.
    • Enter the UDID of your device in the field "UDID for SendLocation".
    • Confirm.

If you do not know the UDID we give you two simple alternatives.

  • Computer connection.
    • Connect your iPhone / iPad to your computer and wait until the terminal is recognized by iTunes, then select it with the mouse from the list of discovered devices and click on the "Summary" tab.
    • To view the UDID the phone must be connected to the computer, then click on the phrase "serial number" and this will be immediately replaced by the word "identifier", which will appear next to the relevant iPhone UDID of our interest, in the alphanumeric form, that can be then copied using the usual commands (Cmd + C on Mac or Ctrl + C on Windows).
  • UDID application.
    • Download and run the UDID application.