Photo Recorder. Add your photos

Wed, 08 Aug 2012 00:00:00 GMT News index

You can add photographs taken also in real-time while running the course.


The "Photo Recorder" has been designed to offer the ability to send and attach to a track a picture directly from an iOS or Android device.

Take and send a picture. This will be immediately visible on the track. You can add photographs taken in real-time while running the course, and your friends immediately see the path you are doing together with the photographs.

The track can be recorded by the "Track Recorder" by the "Pick Way" or otherwise. You can start the "Photo Recorder" from the "HANGAR" menu.

You can create a bookmark to this page directly to your home and use it as if was an APP. To do so, add a new bookmark using the "Add to Home."

The first time you use this page you need to install "Aurigma Up". Use the button "Install Aurigma Up to upload images".